It is common saying that turkey is the land of contrasts we can find the whole influence of the traditions at one step but at the very next we can perceive the conspicuous modern touch. In ottoman young girls was not allowed to wear fancy and ornamental dresses so wedding was the first occasion for them to wear embellished and ornamental dresses.

For the nuptial day, wedding dresses in turkey diverse in colors, fabric, embroideries and style according to the customs of sector. Among the upper class brides wear different dresses for each celebrated day. The main items in wedding dresses are baggy trouser and salvar, jacket, blouse and rob called entari and kaftan.

By the deep European influenced it was also being a part of custom to wear white ball gown and skirts. Heavy silk and woven fabric embellished with intricate embroideries and striking colors along with cap and scarves are also a prominent part of the wedding wearing traditions followed by Turkish ladies. Have a look of the gallery

Topic: Turkish traditional wedding dresses
Opulent in: their motif and embroidered patterns work
Striking: in their exclusive colors
Amalgam of: different intricate dress styles

Superb Turkish wedding dress with fabulous embellished cap and scarf

1 ideas of turkish traditional wedding dress 2014

Superb wedding dress prestigious in Turkish culture collaboration of unique dress patterns

2 stylish turkish traditional wedding dress 2014

Heavy and full embellished white Turkish wedding dress

3 white color turkish traditional wedding dress 2014