As one season passes the other comes with new trends and fashions. A fashionista or a common person who is not very much conscious about fashion would definitely try to adapt according the demand of the season. The dresses we wear are mostly according the atmosphere and surroundings. In western people do not feel themselves bound to do things according the season but they sometimes took things in their own way. They do not like to be bound but dress themselves up in a very cool way. Especially for street look they introduce their own style without paying any heed to what people are following around them. The people who feel themselves free and independent they just follow their own mind. They bring new styles even for street look or to look nice on wedding or parties. This thing is very much interesting about them. Let us see what novelty they bring with their own ideas.

Tights and skirt for street look;


This style is unique as we can see a girl wearing short skirt with tights and white collared black crop top. What a fashionista would do here. She would wear only skirt with matched top with that. But this girl is not following the trend that is going on but wearing the dress that she thought she should wear. A black hat on the head with open hairs at the sides of the shoulder and her different way of dressing are the constituents that giving the girl rebel look all together.

A girl in Emo style;


We used to wear the dresses according the place we live in. If we choose costumes of any other country or culture then we will look totally different from others. In this effort to look different from others some young girls adopt the cultures of other countries. Or maybe they like the dressing of other religion so they adopt their dressing sense. But whatever the reason is, this is not a small thing. In the picture a girl can be seen in Emo style. She is wearing high bun and make-up in the same manner as the Emo people do.

Long skirt with chiffon top;


This style is usually adopted by girls at the time of going to beach. Here the girl is wearing the dress that does not make a strong contrast. Two totally different colors are selected which have nothing to do with each other. But the girl is wearing the dress with full confidence. The dress is belted around the waist and she has worn peep toe high heel shoes. Goggles are giving the girl a very cool look.

Peplum dress with net jacket;


Plum color peplum coupled with net jacket is giving very lively look. With this dress red colored goggles and plum lipstick is worn. The girl is looking very funky and it seems that she has tried to make her look different from the others. Black hat on red color hairs and ornaments she is wearing are not usual.

Shorts with t-shirt and sweater;


Mostly college girls or girls in street adopt this unique and different get up. Shorts with t-shirt and then coupled with nude colored wool sweater is looking distinctive. Shorts are belted and the belt is big in size. Her hairs are open and placed on the shoulders. Ankle length boots are paired with net leggings and shorts.
Hence these dresses help to gain attention and if you have desire to make people surprise with your get up then you can select any of these get ups or you can follow your own that make you look cool and prominent among others.