Charms are considered as locket which are individually worn out by women in neck. Individual means that there is no such matching earring designs with them.

Current presentation:

Our currently maintained presentation is correlated with display of remarkable and gracious triangle shape charm collection for women

Black and silver triangle charm collection for girls:

1 Triangle Charm Necklace collections (4)

As you can observe that we have drafted elegant and dazzling triangle shape charm which is accomplished with silver metal from the top and rest of it is covered with black plastic.

Geometric charm designs for women:

2 Triangle Charm Necklace collections (15)

Geometric jewelry is in fashion and we are conducting our hard to bring about geometric fashion facts toward our viewers. For such reason we have drafted elegant golden color geometric pendant having circular, triangular and rectangular creativity.

Blue three layered charm designs for women:

3 Triangle Charm Necklace collections (11)

We have drafted alluring and glazing blue shaded three layered charm designs for women in which upper and smallest one is black in color, second middle one is dark blue and last one in light blue shade.