Friendship bracelet is given to others to whom you are interested in making your friend. It is a denotation of friendship. These bracelets are mostly handmade adorned with embroidery laces, threads, motifs, etc. Friendship bands initially became eminent in United States during the year 1970 and ordinarily worn by teenagers girls and boys. And now they are in demand all over the world. This beckoning accessory can be worn on many occasions for example they can be use as best suited fashion jewellery for girls and boys which gives modish and amazing look.

There are some alluring and good looking designs for friendship bracelets. We have few illustrations to give you some ideas for colorful and fetching friendship bands appreciated by everyone. Colors and stuff of threads in every band varies depending upon their nature. Candy strips, beads and other accessories are used in friendship bracelets to make them more colorful, fascinating, and terrific. There are different types of friendship bands like double wave, heart shape, knotted style, beaded, painted rainbow shapes, polka dote friendship band, checkers, fishtail bands, fancy bands etc.

Topic: Friendship bands
Accessories: thread, motifs, beads etc
Color: red, yellow, green, blue and many more shades
Perfect for: both formally and informally

Tea pink double wave silk friendship band

1 original silk friendship silk bracelet 2014

Black and gold fancy bracelet

2 black and gold color  Silk Friendship Bracelet

Black and white beaded friendship bracelet

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