Samreen Vance a USA based designer always comes with her alluring design jewels just to update the jewelry collection of fashion ladies and this time we have decided to showcase some royal aesthetic designed by Samreen Vance in her precious and latest style jewelry which no more but a piece of nobility and the stunning impressions. Majestic designs, terrific impressions and glam of different precious semi stones are all blend to glamorize the feminine beauty of a modern lady. Yet the all designing pattern of jewels is inspired by the royal grandeur of Sub-Continent but there is a mixture of modernism too in the collections and this is what a modern lady wants in her closet. With the close link to showbiz Samreen has big fame and many Pakistani actresses do like to style her designs on their superb personality, recently Maya Ali has a photo shot for Samreen’s jewelry collection which we have added in the images below.  Working for many years Samreen has idea to deal with any latest design and craft of unique jewelry in which earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets contain more of importance. The impressions of regality reflected from her jewels will surely make any lady stun and the assortment has power to win the hearts quickly so don’t wait for a while and jump towards my collection heavily assorted with classy pieces of jewelry by the house of Samreen Vance.

Beautiful Maya Ali in Samreen jewelry:

1. Samreen Vance Jewellery Collection 2016 for Women

Well every actress prefers to wear Samreen designs and this time beautiful Maya Ali has been chosen to beautify her jewelry, the splendor of golden jewelry with the true depiction of royalty inspired by the time of Mughal reign and what a beautiful headpiece jewel which has elegancy and power to attract everyone upon you. We can say that this is the perfect jewel craft for a modern bride to wear for her big day if she wants to shine like a star and elevate her style with Vance jewelry.

Beauty of earrings:

2. Samreen Vance Jewellery Collection 2016 for Women

For enhancing the beauty of any dress young girls mostly likes to have such a piece of elegancy which is enough to embellish their beauty alluringly and no doubt terrific earrings with regal design will be perfect pair. Take these Samreen earrings to match with your Eid dress which is in summer, I am sure the exquisite earrings will further create subtle effects but style these earrings with modern hairstyle.

Samreen jewelry with saree:

3. Samreen Vance Jewellery Collection 2016 for Women

However the saree is simple but most glamorous thing is pairing up the jewelry in a right way that is making dress stand out. Saree is basically a traditional aura and when you style the tremendous jhumka earring and necklace that’s all well to your appearance. Going for an evening function, wear these iconic jewels to be unique and just classy.

Dazzle of multi-layered necklace:

4. Samreen Vance Jewellery Collection 2016 for Women

Once again the trend of multi layered necklace has brought back to fashion and this necklace is named as ‘Rani Haar’ in Pakistan. Multi layers goes down to the belly intricately influence the nobility to your style. This necklace was worn by king rulers in past that showed their royal imperialism and Samreen Vance has truly managed these impressions for ladies of this era.

Best choice jewelry for bridals:

5. Samreen Vance Jewellery Collection 2016 for Women

Samreen’s jewelry has versatility due to its acceptance for every lady and surely for any event, for example the choker necklace and earrings styled by beautiful Neelum Muneer is gorgeously designed for upcoming brides. Just match it for your wedding dress and enjoy the every moment of wedding day by lifting up the neck like a queen wearing Samreen bridal jewelry.


For further inspiration I have managed the all designs in gallery, opt for it and enjoy the designing art of talented designer Samreen. Elevate every occasion by wearing her jewelry item and explore the beauty of modern lady with bold attitude.