The dresses and the footwear is not only the part of our dressing rather everything which give us changing look come in the accessorizing the jewelry that is an essential thing for the girls and bride who is the central part of the wedding all the people noted the brides each and everything so the brides should go with good things it is not enough to carry the good dress and other things are not so good it is wrong. Jewelry and make up enhance your beauty and make you more beautiful than that.

In the previous ages the jewelry were carried by the kings and queens and all the others are not  carry such type of things but  in this trendy and remote age all the people are become so much changed and trendy  along with the dresses and the footwear the jewelry is also designed by the   designer  because they want to create new touch  of fashion among the brides and the brides who are so conscious about their  beauty they want to carry different style dresses and the other things  for  different looking  so if you want to see the different jewelry of brides that are made by the  designers.

Heavy kundan multi layered set:


In the wedding the brides who want to look like so traditional and the royal then they can go with the multi layered traditional dress that is very good with the simple lehenga choli and the red color lehenga is nice with this style necklace and kundan with the pearl is looking so gorgeous double layered necklace with the simple choli and the short earrings with the kundan and pearls.

Crystal stones heavy set:


Crystal stones heavy embellished set is looking so gorgeous with the rounded stones and the hanging beads with the stones and the crystal  heavy long earrings and the Maatha Patti  you can carry this set with maroon set the kundan  work is good on the lehenga with this set  you can carry it in the day time wedding ceremony .

Leave style necklace:


The brides who carry the full heavy lehengas on their wedding and don’t want to go with the  full fancy  jewelry you can carry the  golden and white color heavy necklace in choker style  the gold is used on the both sided and the tiny  white stones are used in the rounded and the  floral leaves style at both sided you  can carry it on the Walima ceremony with your light color dresses.

Metal silver jewelry:


The brides don’t follow the same things at their wedding they want to create something different and new style in their jewelry golden jewelry is not enough for the brides rather you can go with the metal jewelry with your peach and the skin color dresses it gives you a vintage look bangles, bracelet and the necklace in the metal style look so gorgeous you can carry it in your newlywed days and in this jewelry you look so traditional.

Golden embellished set:


Golden color set embellished with the white stones and the peacock printed on the necklace with the green and red color stones with hanging ivory pearl and the maroon color stones are looking very wonderful in the center of the necklace the stone embellished flower with the red stones  is best for the  brides who want to go with something simple and elegant and  with it red stone Maatha Patti and the rings are great  choice.

Multi layered classic style:


Kundan and  pearl embellished multi layered  necklace  is giving you a  classic look  with the blue color stones in the round shape the stones  are used this is very elegant necklace you can give the others as a gift and the  short earrings with the blue stones and the mang tikka is used with this set  you can carry it with the nude and the skin color dress.