Diamond is very expensive metal but everyone likes it with hearts. Diamond set particularly embedded with pure diamond stones. The beauty of this diamond necklace set has been increased by using precious Ruby. This necklace is in unique net chic. This set is using on wedding and engagement parties.


Silver grey color diamond set is an attractive design, embedded with nicely cut diamonds. Diamond bracelet is also very uniquely designed. Diamond set jeweled with big multi stones is very beautiful.


Diamond set in silver color is very decent. Big stones of different colors are embellishing the necklace set. It is very lovely and eye catching set. This diamond set is suitable for some casual functions.


Diamond necklace manufactured with big red stones and with white pearl is in glamorous chic. Gold leafs in the mid of necklace is very fabulous. Net of small diamond stones is very marvelous. White pearl enhance the beauty of this necklace. This diamond necklace covers the whole neck. It is a very heavy necklace. This is worn by ladies on their wedding parties, engagement, and other special occasions of their life.