No doubt women are very choosy and conscious about their personality and thats why they never compromise with their looks. While talking about new trends and fashion it doesnot only include your outfits it also involves your all accessories from head to toe. Now in this trendy and modern world women love to wear all stylish accessories from jewellery to bags, shoes and headpeices. But today here in this post we are just simply talking about the most fashionable and captivating handbags now a days.

Every stylish lady wants to owne the most famous, ionized and trendy handbags because it is usually the style statement and the symbol of your class and fashion. So brand conscious ladies would love to buy the most expensive yet branded bags to make their walk more classy.  So lets talk about some most expensive and high quality branded handbags for the most elite women and style hunts.

Now here our current drafted images are affiliated with the display of some amazing and stylish handbags thats makes your events and ocassions more special and attract the attention of others towards your style. There are so many trendy and stylish handbags that it is difficuklt to choose one of them. But today here we are going to display the 10 most expensive handbags from the world for the most fashionable and richest ladies.

These bags are just made according to the demand and choice opf the ladies like in colors, style and themes. Some bags arer for official works, some for parties, some for ceremonies and some for casually just moving out with friends. These branded and expensive bags are made from dermis  of different animals.
So now just have a look on these amazing and stylish bags for ladies that are most expensive one.

Crocodile Birkin Hermes Matte Bag- $120,000


Louis Vuitton Paris:


Shocking Pink Bag for Hang out:


Beautiful Leather Bag:


Amazing Fancy Bag by Juday:


Colorful Stylish Bag:


Beautiful Butterfly Bag by Fendi- $28000


Classy Royal Blue Bag:


Most Expensive Branded Bags:


Colorful Bag by Hermis Matte Crocodile Version- $120,000