Hand bags are considered as basic need of women life. Not every dress have pockest and it seems to be really awkward that women carries her wallet in her pants pocket like men. It would be treated as absence of feminity in that trend. Well there are pockets in number of women clothing line but besides this, women have to carry handbag or purse as not there everything can be fitted in brief wallet.

We have been requested to create out post of best handbag designs uin the year 2017 foremost selling brand of the world. if you want to know about handbag latest fashion and flamboyant handbag brands of the world on current basis, then stay tuned.

1)    Kate spade:

1 kate spade 1

It is considered as an American brand and is very famous among ladies who are obsessed to carry designer bags.  This brand gives out best quality of leather and for that reason, it has high price in market. It style and designs along with amazing color selection makes it top selling brand of the world in year 2017.

2)    Michael kros:

2 michael kros 2

It is considered as one of oldest and experienced fashion brand of America. Again it also deals in fine quality. The designs of bags have won various style awards and also it is dream of every woman to carry kros branded bags. It is expensive but really worth it.

3)    Chanel:

3 chanel 3

Chanel is considered as main reliable and leading fashion brand. Its collection is also expensive as they offer pure material. Mainly celebrities buy Chanel handbags, clothing and perfumes.

4)    Coach:

4 coach 4

Coach was founded in 1941 and thus knows as senior fashion company. Every woman knows about this brand on behalf of extra ordinary color selection and designs of bags. Color scheme they offer in bags are not connected with every luxury fashion label.

 5)    Balenciaga:

balenciaga 5

Balenciaga is also considered as foremost fashion label. It is only one brand which deals in both expensive and affordable handbags.