Gucci brand

Gucci is the name of Italian fashion and leather brand which founded in 1921. Gucci is biggest Italian brand and their products founded in the whole world. Gucci brand launched many products like clothing, watches, jewelry, shoes and leather goods. This brand is well-known due to his quality of fabrics and materials. Here we are going to introduce you Gucci top 10 handbags which made from canvas and leather fabric for ladies.

Iconic style handbags

1 Gucci handbags (1)

In this picture, you can see two iconic handbags. These handbags are with same style and size. One bag is with single red color and other with snake skin. Both bags have chain style straps.

Metallic style bag

2 Gucci handbags (2)

This bag made with black leather fabric brown color hard handles with gold metal helper and the sign of Gucci done on the front side of the bag.

Hobo handbags

3 Gucci handbags (3)

This hobo style bag made with snake skin leather fabric. This bag has beaded style straps and front opening cover.

Pouch style bag

4 Gucci handbags (4)

This bag made with orange color leather with book open style. This pouch has two beaded style straps on the front part of the pouch and fastens with antique buckle.

Black leather handbag

5 Gucci handbags (5)

This bag has medium size and mostly mothers used this size because they kept some essential things of their child when they leave their homes. This bag made black genuine leather and has two soft handles, zips and adorned this with double beaded straps on the middle part of bags and fastens with antique buckle.

Basket style handbag

6 Gucci handbags 6

In this picture, you are seeing latest basket style handbag. Modish girls like such styles. This bag made with canvas fabric with aqua blue color. This bag is not with zipper style instead of this is straps style.

Crocodile handbag

7 Gucci handbags (7)

This bag made with like crocodile skin leather. Small size this bag has outer style zip with hard handles.

Canvas handbag

8Gucci handbags

This bag made with printed canvas fabric and maroon leather. This bag is medium size with two zips and handles.

Girls’ handbag

9 Gucci handbags 9

This small size grey color handbag made with real leather and decked with golden buckles. This style especially used for teachers and regular working girls.

Tote style handbag

10 Gucci handbags 10

This tote style handbag made with designing sheet fabric. This bag has stylish plum color with thin straps.
All Gucci handbags are superb and made with fine leather and canvas. Latest styles and colors used in this Gucci handbags collection. Hope, you will like this collection.