2015 Collection of Women Wallets:

Now days, instead of shoulder bags the leather wallets are becoming more popular among ladies. I think among the list of luxury & fashionable goods, wallets & bags for men & women come on the top. That’s why mostly top fashion brands, fashion designers & leather goods manufactur8ing companies are launching leather bags & leather wallets collections for both genders.

Each collection usually consists on lots of different colors, styles, sizes & shapes of bags & wallets. But as I told you now days, wallet’s are in fashion so today our main concern is only wallets & we are going to talk only about wallets. Today, I am here because I want to share some lovely pictures of women wallets with you so that you can use these trendy wallets for adding style, classiness & sophistication into your personality. You can use these

Black Leather Wallet:

1 stylish leather womens wallets collection 2015

This wallet is manufactured by using black color leather stuff. This is designed very beautifully. It can be used with short gowns as well as with chic pants & tops. Girls can use it casually & formally.

Zippy Wallet:

2 stylish leather womens wallets collection 2015 (13)

Look at this wallet that is designed with a sense of glamour & elegance! It has a zipper closure that’s why a call it zippy wallet. A bow is also embellished on the front side.

Envelop Wallet:

3 stylish leather womens wallets collection 2015 (11)

One of the seductive styles of wallet, I personally like this one. It has an envelope style. By combing beige & teal green color leather stuff this floral design wallet is created.

Louis Vuitton Wallet for Women:

4 stylish leather womens wallets collection 2015 (9)

This is LV Monogram wallet for ladies. The brand conscious ladies & girls can go with LV wallets because these are always chic & stylish plus fulfill the requirement of current fashion.

Red Patent Leather Wallet:

5 stylish leather womens wallets collection 2015 (5)

No doubt that a gorgeously designed wallet always boost up the personality of a lady! So, make your party & wedding function a chic one by carrying a wallet into your hand. This red color wallet is manufactured by using patent leather stuff.

Women Wallets New Assortment:

The Wallet that are included into this collection usually ranges from softer shades to darker shades. You can choose a shade that goes best with your outfit. Give your precious comments about this collection! Hopefully you will like it.