Clutch is graceful apparel accessory of women that she can grasp in your hands. These clutches are casual and formal both. You can put rupees, mobile, or Minnie jewelry in these clutches.Many girls also grasp it in parties, college function and some take it while going in to the market. Here we presented you a compilation of clutches.

Casual wear clutches comprise of light weight material while formal wear clutches comprise pf heavy material like stones, metal designing, crystal, beads, and pearls. Girls today we present you marvelous analects of clutches. These clutches made with satin, cotton, silk, leather, and python.

Clutches comprise of black, aqua, pink, silver, shocking pink, skin, and brown, yellow. These clutches astonishing with bow flowers, and studs. The clutches that we present is ready for casual and party wear. When all the clutches are very mesmerizing, and sumptuous.

Analects: stylish clutches
Embellishment: bow flowers
Colors: shocking pink, brown, yellow, skin,
Material: leather, silk, cotton, satin, python
Ready for: casual and party wear

Oil leather Copper bow style clutch

1 amazing Bow Clutches 2014 collection

Silver patent leather bow clutch

2 new aamzing Bow Clutches 2014 collection

Satin fabric bow clutch in Aqua color

3 lovely Bow Clutches for women 2014