About Pratesi Brand:

Pratesi is a very famous & old Italian fashion brand. If we cast a look at origins of the Pratesi Company, then it is not wrong to say that it comes into being after the few years of Second World War (approximately in 1948). Italy was a country which was very badly affected from the World War 2. So, Pratesi thinks of to start his own business by using leather. He uses leather for making various leather goods. With the passage of time as the demand for his good increased, he thinks of to add leather bags into his collection. Due to good quality & impressive designs the demand for Pratesi Designer Shoulder Bags also goes on to increase. Then, this little family thinks to open a company with some employees. As a result, now, Pratesi becomes a very well-known & everyone’s favorite brand.

Elegant Pratesi Designer Shoulder Bags:

Here on this page you can explore the very unique & simple designs of Pratesi Shoulder Bags. These are designed very fabulously. Most of the bags are characterized with inner & outer pockets (with zipper, metallic & magnetic closures). Each bag has its own individual style. Some are in square shape while some have round shape. Pratesi Shoulder Bags are always appreciated by so many fashion conscious ladies.

Leather Shoulder Bags for Women:

You can see that each Pratesi Shoulder Bag is made by using high quality leather. The shoulder straps are also manufactured by using leather stuff. Pratesi fashion house is working in this field of fashion from half of 20th century (from 1948) to present century (21st century). All this show how this house of fashion manages various rise & fall in fashion & makes a very good place into the hearts of people only because of its qualitative products.

Different colors of Pratesi Shoulder Bags:

So, dear ladies, here in this collection you have a wide range of colors which include brown, maroon, tan, blue, dark skin & red. These colors can go perfect with any color of outfit plus office going women can chose a bag for keeping various important documents relevant from office.
Take a look at the exclusive Pratesi Shoulder Bags Collection for Women!

beautiful  Pratesi Designer Shoulder Bag

grey color Pratesi Designer Shoulder Bag

leather Pratesi Designer Shoulder Bag