About Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton is basically a French fashion house which was established in the year of 1854 by the Louis Vuitton. The headquarters is in Paris, France. now days, Yves Carcelle is the Chairman & CEO of Louis Vuitton  fashion house while Kim Jones is the lead designer of men & Cesar Rubio is the creative director of Louis Vuitton. Since 1854, it has been working very nicely with its talented, experienced & skillful team of fashion designers. It has been introducing lots of trends in clothes, footwear, handbags & in leather goods. It is also satisfying the current needs of fashion. Explore the newest 2014 collection of Doc Bags which are launched by the Louis Vuitton fashion house. Pictures & brief description is given below.

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Doc Bags:

0 skin most amazing bag in new style1 black bags collection

2 black leatherstylish bag

Look at the above three pictures in which you can see round shape handbags which have also long shoulder straps. So these can be used as handbags as well as shoulder bag. These bags are designed in such away that you keep your essential items in it very easily. These bags can carry lots of thing because there size is large & these have more space. Epi leather stuff in red, beige & black color is used for making these bags. So the ladies who are waiting for the latest collection of Louis Vuitton handbags can buy this design because it is looking really very gorgeous.

Louis Vuitton Malletage Losange Doc Bags:

3 stylish hand bags 4 black doc bags

Look at these pictures in which you can see one beige & one Black color bag. These are designed LV fashion house. The title which is given to these handbags includes “Malletage Losange “. Mallette is a word from French language which means briefcase. These bags looks like a briefcase that’s why this word is used in title Losange is also a French word which means diamond as you can see the diamond shape design on these bags. This design is also looking really very gorgeous. Fashion conscious ladies, office going women, doctors as well as girls can use these bags very easily.