0. Prada Spring 2016 handbags collection
The Italian company Prada has launched its latest spring 2016 collection for ladies that is surely the inspired one from ready to wear runway. Basically the entire collection was inspired by the 80s fashion and that’s why the bags have also a classic touch of elegance that was spruced at that time. When I just looked at the collection thoroughly the classiness of shoes quickly clicked in mind that is surely the true essence designer took from 80s or 90s.
This brand was launched in 1913 by Mario Prada and lately her daughter is running successfully, in which leather accessories like bags and ready to wear collections are on the top but eyewear and fragrances are also their unique style statement.
Well Prada deals with the stripes, plain, neutrals, crocodile patterns to submit a ravishing series of bags and I think for spring season it’s a big bunch to carry amazingly. However crocodile designs are not new but Prada has thrown the sweetness by playing colors that are making this idea unique.
The collection is mostly full of tote bags handling the highly sophisticate fabric and color matching that is the must-have thing for spring inspired accessories. Wanna check out all the designs? Just move downward to be stunned by looking at the collection, bashfully assigned for fashion ladies, to keep in hand and be a highly ranked 21st century fashionista.

Stripes series in bag:

1. Prada Spring 2016 handbags collection

Mostly the stripes are used in bags and this series of bag have contained more attention because of the use of stripes in different colors and different ways that you can carry along with you in any get together.

Python flap bag:

2. Prada Spring 2016 handbags collection

The spring is with you, participating in your entire personality as Prada has given you chance to be chic and cool all the day long while going to prove your street style inspiration awe-inspiringly.

Boxy black and yellow bag:

3. Prada Spring 2016 handbags collection

With yellow straps the black boxy bag is giving the sophisticate look especially designed for the working ladies, to take in hands stun your entire appearance. If you are going to try black and yellow matching dress in spring then this bag is fit to lift in hands.

White tote bag:

4. Prada Spring 2016 handbags collection

The bag has been designed with red arrow and rabbit design, probably the designer has inspired with something that is symbolic in this bag design and you can carry gorgeously with any white or red dress.

Crocodile inspired bag:

5. Prada Spring 2016 handbags collection

The one series of bag is crocodile skin designing in tote bags that I am offering you to pick it up for spring season to be dramatic and tremendous.

Chain straps in bag:

6. Prada Spring 2016 handbags collection

I just love the chain straps of bags so I am feeling blessed to have this Prada beautiful design black bag which is enough to pair with any stylish outfit.

Lush red choice for girls:

7. Prada Spring 2016 handbags collection

I am finding this design classy, because of using the lush red color scheme inspiringly with crocodile skin designing.