The bag addict girls know the value of handling bag in hand and attaining the highly stylish style. But its fact that bag addict girls don’t compromise with the choice that is why they go for the branded and high quality bags that can further help in updating the chic style. In this regard I have come by bringing the latest design bags launched by the fashion company Fendi that is reliable and working approximately from the mid of 20th century. There were fluctuations in approaching on international level but anyway, the brand has gained the high familiarity among the most popular fashion companies. Now more than 125 stores are the symbols of their utmost popularity that their accessories are worn widespread. Fendi is famous for presenting the quality leather items like much kind of bags. Mainly the brand was first opened to produce fur or leather products but after spreading the business the dealing with ready to wear collections and other accessories made the work more compatible. And this time Fendi has launched the latest design bags for 2016 which will be your true choice to be exquisite and gorgeous. I am sure you wanna see the whole collection with appealing details and unique styles.

White Fendi handbag for ladies:

1. Fendi handbag 2016 collection

The bag has white shade with single handle but the long handle decorated with floral hue is surely the creative technique to invent the newest design for fashion ladies. Opting for parties, visit, or to dazzle the meetings this bag will give the great look to yours.

Fur details leather bag:

2. Fendi handbag 2016 collection (1)

Fur details are the specialty of this fashion house, and the cool black leather handy bag with the grip over it is looking cool that will manage your funky street style look. So get ready to be fashionable, elegant and trendy all the time.

Blue Fendi ladies bag:

3. Fendi handbag 2016 collection (2)

Blue and red matching in bag is chic that you may have with your red maxi dress by belting it on waist with blue belt or ribbon. Get the blue peep toe high heel shoes that can manage the height and open up the tresses to conquer your style enviably.

Floral hues with stripes on bag:

4. Fendi handbag 2016 collection (4)

stripped bags have been the focus of girls but Fendi has further jazz up the stripy pattern with styling the floral fur hues in multi colors that is enhancing the beauty and style of bag. Spice up your style by having this Fendi bag with trendy dresses.

A-letter hand bag:

5. Fendi handbag 2016 collection (5)

If your name starts with the letter ‘A’ then this bag has made for you lady, jazz up the style with wearing Fendi ready to wear outfit so there may harmony among your dress and accessories.