About Unze brand

Unze is very popular and up growing brand of Pakistan. It was established in 1989. It is well known for the women labels. It branches spread in big cities of Pakistan. This brand also has a brand in UK. Basically this brand well known for women wear, women accessories, bags, clutches shoes, jewelry, belts and eye wear.

Collection of Unze clutches

Recently Unze show cased a collection of clutches for women. As the fashion of grasp clutches become very flashy. Women take it casual and formally both. You ca also see very stupefy clutches of Unze brand.

Adornment on the Unze clutches

The clutches present by Unze brand adorn with sequin work, stones, pearls, beads, brooch, buttons, and zircon.

Fabric of the Unze clutches

These clutches made with satin fabric, leather fabric, velvet, and metal.

Colors of the Unze clutch

Clutches comprise of vibrant colors like red, silver, black, golden, purple, and white.

Unze clutches perfect for

These clutches have two pockets inside. Women can put cell phones, rupee, and Minnie accessory. Some clutches are casual and some are formal. It looks sumptuous for every style of dress. In the last we can say that all the collection of Unze clutches is very striking.

beautiful Unze Summer Exclusive Clutches for girls

black color Unze Summer Exclusive Clutches for women

bridal Unze Summer Exclusive Clutches 2014