Argent Box Embroidered Clutches:

Ultra-modish ladies & girls always demand something unique, sophisticated & delicate. When they are searching clutches for formal parties, night functions & high events then think about any clutch manufacturing brand that is just perfect place for finding the fancy clutch that modish women generally requires. Very recently, fashion designers launched their new box embroidered clutch collection. Each piece of clutch is looking impressive & beautiful. Let’s have a look at these outstanding clutches!

Floral Embroidered Clutch:

1 Argent Embroidered Box Clutch for women (7)

This a box shape clutch with crystal closure. The floral design embroidery is done by using shine golden color thread. It has a removable golden strap that you can attach with it if you like if not then you can turn it inside the clutch. Golden color brass is used as frame of this clutch.

Rhinestone Embellished Box Clutch:

2 Argent Embroidered Box Clutch for women (2)

If you are wearing a very glamorous & stunning gown on the evening party then you must deserve this fully rhinestone embellished clutch. It is heavily embellished from front side but less from back. It has a snap closure. It has also a removable shoulder strap.

Pearl Clutch:

3 Argent Embroidered Box Clutch for women (6)

Pearls whenever used into the decoration of fashionable outfits, clutches, footwear or jewelry then these always add some classy touch into these items. Look at this Argent hand-pearl embellished clutch. It has also a snap closure.

White Tulle Floral Design Clutch:

4 Argent Embroidered Box Clutch for women (3)

Look at this silver framed white clutch. It is looking delicate only because of the swirl flower design that is created by using tulle stuff. The frame is decorated with little crystals. It has a magnetic closure. It is a perfect bridal clutch with white wedding dress.

Golden Clutch with Off-white Pearl Embellishments:

5 Argent Embroidered Box Clutch for women (4)

Look at another outstandingly designed pearl embellished clutch with snap closure & detachable strap. The usage of golden color shinny dupka is increasing its beauty. Cut moti are also used along with pearls.

Silver Clutch:

6 Argent Embroidered Box Clutch for women (5)

This is really a very stunning piece of clutch which is made by using ivory silk stuff & silver metallic frame. The ivory silk stuff is adorned with floral design crystal & motti work. Skillful craftsmanship is increasing its beauty. It has also a snap closure & detachable metallic shoulder strap. It is just perfect for wedding or parties.

Hearty Shape Pearl Clutch:

7 Argent Embroidered Box Clutch for women (1)

Take a look at this lovely & pretty design of clutch. Heart shape is looking very breathtaking. The sparkle & gleam of lots of pearls is mak8ing this clutch a special one. It has also a silver metallic snap closure, detachable strap that is hidden inside but you can bring it outside if you like to hang this clutch on your shoulder.

Beaded Clutch:

8 Argent Embroidered Box Clutch for women

The front side of this clutch is fully embellished with copper color beaded & cut mottis. The design is looking like a sunburst. It has also kiss closure & detachable shoulder strap.

Hopefully you will like this accumulation of fancy clutches that you can use for attending elite class parties, on wedding functions plus a bride can also use one of these clutches because these are also just perfect for bridal.