A simple and fine off white colored silky stuff bridal clutch. It is given a unique style with use of feather. Rhinestone petals style is aggrandizing its innovation. It is perfectly suitable for those bridals who want to look elegant.


It’s a delicate and prettier clutch, made of fine net stuff. It is enlarged with tissue floral pattern. The usage of pearls inside it enhances its superiority over other designs. Piece of lace makes it a different clutch. It adds in the grandeur of bridal.


One of the loveliest and most wanted stylized purses of off white color. It is decorated with a big flower with two most fanciful colors of hot pink and off white. Pink portion carries pearls inside the pink part which is giving it a mind blowing look.


It’s a silky stuffed elegant ivory bridal clutch. It is presenting an out class latest style with crystal feather. Three distinguished floral pattern with silvery light beaded brooch and pearls is elevating its attire and making it a most demanding bridal clutch.