Borjan is considered as modish fashion label which deals in classic collection of fashionable foot wears along with other fashion accessories. Its eminence is greatly concerned for its presentation of fascinating collection with remarkable trendy facts.

Current presentation

Our presentation is concerned with latest collection of stylish handbags and matching shoes which will surely satisfy groovy mentality of viewers as well.

Handbags and shoes collection

Our main focus is to keep our users fashion up to dated with latest trends revolving not only around Pakistan but throughout whole fashion world. For such reason we are disclosing alluring collection of stylish hand bags with matching stylish shoes in vibrant color combination. Such collection is maintained in accordance to one`s fashion needs.


Red, black, green, pink, orange, white, yellow colors are utilized in such fascinating collection.

Women`s fashion wear

It is utmost remarkable collection which is priory elected for women fashion wear so that they could appear in standardize form in front of people.

Suitable for

These fashion accessories can be carried formally by women.

beautiful Borjan Red Handbags 2014 collection

black color Borjan Red Handbags 2014 collection

flower style pink color Borjan Red Handbags

green color Borjan Red Handbags 2014