Belt is a very popular accessory which is used around the waistline for supporting pants, jeans or trousers. Belts are usually manufactured by using leather stuff.


Wallet is a very important accessory which is used by both men & women for keeping everyday essentials such as money, credit cards, mobile phones etc.

Fashion of Belts & Wallets:

Now in this age of fashion, boys & girls both like to wear belts not only for support their pants or trousers but also for the purpose of adding some style into their personality. Now days, wallets are also used as fashionable accessory. Various fashion designers are introducing their belts & wallets collection by taking inspiration from flowers, animals, birds & lots of other living or non-living things.

Wallets Belts:

Here I bring the collection of very unique belts. These belts are designed in such a way that you can use these belts as wallets because wallets are actually attached with these belts. In order words we can say that it a collection of wallets & belts are attached with these wallets.

Leather Wallet Belts:

These wallet belts or belt wallets are manufactured by using turquoise, black, brown, gray, and yellow, white, red & lots of other amazing colorful leather stuff. Each belt has a buckle closure & each wallet has a zipper or magnetic button closure. The inner & outer pockets of these wallets usually help you to store your necessary items such as lipstick or mirror (generally girls like to keep these items into their wallets) & money, credit cards etc. Take a look at this collection!

2014 collection wallet belt

black and grey color wallet belt

blue color wallet belt