Bag is the  companion of the ladies because they keep their all secrets in it  means the document  and other important things are kept in the bag because there is nothing for ladies to save their things .hand bag is the  compulsory  accessory for the ladies without it they can ,t be move  outside whether it is shoulder bag or a pouch any  purse is compulsory .the trend of the dress ,shoes and jewelry not remain same it is change  and change  same is with bags it is never carry in same style color and  stuff.

The bags can made also at home it is not so difficult the bags are in the Racine, leather, fabric, fur and many  stuffs  which  are used by the girls. In the ancient age only shoulder bags were used but now there are so many types of bag like swagger, hobo, safari, bucket, and tote, half moon, duffel ,satchel, messenger and so on . street style girls are very common  because they like to look different from the other girls  in their dressing hand bags are  must .the bags are different according to the season  and now the  fur  bags are very common among the girls if you want go with these bags then stay with us and see different style and ideas to carrying these bags in winter season.

Hobo bag:


The hobo bag in skin and brown color is looking amazing  it is beat for those ladies who go to the office and if you are going to shopping then it is also  good  it is very soft and made with the fur fox and in winter it look best with your black color dress .

Satchel bag:


Now a days satchel bag is very famous among the girls they use it with their casual and formal dresses it is in the shape of cassette  the satchel bag made with the cat  hair looking so smooth when you  will keep your books and the other things it will remain straight  the black strips with the brown color  is looking nice.

Leather with fur:


Leather is the favorite stuff of the ladies they like to use it in the bags and the shoes  the leather stuff  block style bag and in the black is  looking so decent  the dog body is made on the bag it  looks  like the pet of the designer may be he wants  to show his love with pet  so the   grey dog  fur is used on the black bag with the chain  it is good for the college and universities girls.

Sky blue pouch:


The trend of pouch is increasing day by day the teen age girls must carry the pouch   with their every dress so you can go with the fur bag sky blue color is soft  and looking nice with the black chain you can  carry this pouch with the shoking pink  tulle and the  top with jeans you can keep your all the things ion it and  use in the winter with great way.

Black and white bag:


Black color is very decent whether it is in the dress shoes or bags you can contrast it with every color but the black with white is an awesome choice the grey with black and white in the block style bag is very beautiful you can carry this bag with the pent shirt and the casual dresses because it is something large that you can keep your all things in it with this matching coat this bag is decent.

White simple bag:


White color bag is used  by these people who are so sophisticate  and want to go with the light colors then the white simple bag is  decent for them  white  satchel bag  with cat fur is looking awesome  with the  white gown and the  casual black dress and the fur muffler this bag look nice and the brides can also carry this bag with their gown in the  winter wedding .

Black color fur bag:


For the  college girls and for  the street style girls the pure  black color  fur is used to make the bag pack  style bag  that is looking so nice they can use it on the college and school and if they want to go on the tour with their friends then it is also nice  two shoulder straps and the front short strap is also  made with the  golden clip this bag is looking like black cat who is sitting .