Handmade clutches

Now a day, clutches trend is most popular among the ladies and girls. A wide variety of clutches are founded in the market hard clutch, leather clutch, pearls clutch, metal flitch and many others.  All clutches are gorgeous and enchanting but here we are going to share with you an exclusive type of clutch that is most soft, durable with minimum price. Yes, dear girls I am talking about handmade clutches or you can say these pouches. These handmade clutches made with fine plain or printed fabric and decorated with flowers, pearls, buttons, beads and laces. You can make these handmade pouches in your home and also buy from markets. Some handmade clutches made with knitted style. Today, on this page you can see marvelous and awesome handmade clutches.

Knitted style pouch for girls

1          handmade clutches pattern (5)

This pouch made with needle work in knitted style. Black color pouch decked with light skin color handmade flowers and upper opened style. This knitted pouch has a small lolly pop that also made in knitted style.

Turquoise flower clutch

2 handmade clutches pattern (11)

This zip style handmade clutch made with fine turquoise fabric in plated style and decorated this clutch with a handmade huge flower.

Strap style small hand bag

3 handmade clutches pattern

This small bag made with digital prints and nice fabric and a strap covered the open upper part of this small printed pouch. This handmade small bas you can easily made in homes.

Black& white leather clutch

4 handmade clutches pattern (2)

This beautiful and stunning clutch made with leather fabric in black and white colors. The style of this fabulous clutch is cover book style and wrapped an orange color ribbon for enhance the beauty and charming if this handmade clutch.

A lot of handmade clutches are founded in this collection and you can see further hand accessories in the gallery. These handmade clutches are not more expensive you can easily buy these from market. Light and dark both colors are included in handmade clutches collection. Hope, girls like this fantastic collection.