Wardah saleem creative hand decorated hand bag collection for ladies 2016

Wardah saleem is considered as national Pakistani fashion designer who has recently stepped in fashion world and make everything come into focused on behalf of her extreme fashion senses and fashion ability. She has recently launched her intimate and sizzling fashion hand bags collection for ladies which are not to big in size and also not to small as clutch or wallet that ladies usually carry.

Main theme about her collection is that each and every concept is handmade in nature which means the patterns that are printed on the bags are real worth of this adorable collection and it is definitely handily printed by the workers and designers. Her collection is inspired from nature and for such reason we can coclude her deep and intense love for nature. Her collection just changes the fashion of handbags and purses in mind of ladies because new trend is now on fire which is displayed and designed by wardah saleem.

She have already received a wide variety of positive feedback from people and she is now more motivated to display out her recent collections which are still in process. Allow us to enlighten you with designer concept of such remarkable and highly distinctive fashion handbag collection for ladies that have been carried out by wardah saleem recently. We have seen that this collection have already won the minds and hearts of people as people may like to see something unique and different patterns on handbags.

Such collection include bags of ideal size that can also be carried formally while attending a classy part and full image is printed on single piece of bag, Half on frontal section and half on back section. We have seen portraits printing of beautiful birds that have been created by nature and having utmost appealing color transition that create alluring and highly identified look for the carrier. Just take a look at our drafted designs and we will keep you updated that what type of patterns are mentioned on the bag for you.

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