Most favorite bag of ladies


Bags are very compulsory thing to for ladies because without bag women think themselves incomplete and bags are a thing which can save your all important thing

In itself .Now a day’s bag become a fashion with the need even matching bags are inn in the fashion and it is available in so many styles and shapes but it is up to you what type of bag do you like most, as just like that swagger, half moon, messenger, hobo, wristlet, satchel, bukket, barrel, shopper etc bags are very common. The fashion is changing with the time many girls like clutch and pouch style purse but when you are going in travel or a outside place then you have to need large bags. Here I have 5 bags which are mostly liked by many ladies.

Different bags for fashionable girls:

Bags are the first and foremost accessories after the dress and shoes because without bag your personality look odd and according to your dress select different colors bag.

In western areas the bag is compulsory thing for ladies because bag is the sign of their status which type of bag is carried by you then which type of status you have to belong.

1.     Hobo bags:

0. most papular types of ladies bags

Hobo bag is very common and liked by many ladies who are working in offices or any other jobs. Hobo handbags are crescent shape and usually made of leather, fiber and suede. Hobo bags are available in every size it is not common in small size and many ladies want to go with this bags.

2.    Shoulder bags:

1.Hobo bag

Any bag with a shoulder strap it is mostly used to go out  at  a long distance and not for need it is used for fashion it is available in every shape and style .You can purchase it in chain and strap also if you have to plan to go out in a party then you should go with chained handbag.

3.    Messenger bags:

2. Shoulder bag

Messenger bag has a long strap and it is worn across the body and around your chest and it is mostly used in urban areas. It is very useful for the rainy days because it is very durable and sturdy. Its stuff is waterproof it was common in messengers who deliver the mail in the houses but this bag is adopted by ladies as a fashion.

4.    Wristlet bags:

3. messenger bag

Wristlet is a small hand bag with a short strap like a bracelet you can wear the bag strap to hold it .It is in so many stuff like fabric, leather and suede it is mostly used by college girls and many decent ladies who want to go with small sizes handbags they can use it for their personal things.

5.    Swagger bags:

4. wristlet bag

Swagger bag is very unique and it is very inn in the fashion and many ladies use it on  the functions it is available in every shapes ,style and color .It is easy to put on at any place and the fashion lover girls are  picking this bag rapidly and it contain much place in it .Many models on the ramp walk are using these walk because it available in many bold colors you can carry these bags with simple dresses.

Tip point:

Bag should be select according to your personality because when you are go outside then people identify you with your shoes, bags and dresses and if your dressing is odd then people guess you you are not happy and live  behind the society and if your dressing is very elegant then any one will be able to say  you that what a charming personality? So guys move with society and adopt every new fashion but live in your limits.

5. swagger bag