Mainly the 60s and 70s were the time when counterculture took its start with hippie movement and the groovy music inspired most. This hippie movement gave the significant style dressing and hairstyles for both men and women. The long tresses with utterly messiness and the free styling of hairs got famous which is still an inspiration to the girls who want to be their self and also freedom.

Headbands, braids, waves, curls, messiness, crowns, bouffant, bun and head scarves were all they needed most of the time. You will definitely feel chic to find all that hairstyles once again with modishness. Well, the long hairs give girls margin to style differently but the girls now don’t want to spend hours in having intricate hairstyles and that’s a wow thing to attain hippie silhouettes in hairs just with the help of an accessory and the fine messy layers or waves, you are all setup.

The ideas of hippie hairstyles will delight you in a way that you love yourself to do it again and again with transforming elegantly. Yet there is obvious chance to style short locks ion hippie-ly but we have true inspiration about long wavy locks to make the scene just out of sight. There is no restriction to enchant these styling ideas to anywhere, you step outside and that is fine, you go to visit beach and hippie hairstyling is best and even for anywhere. Keep calm because we are going to submit few of ideas about hippie hairstyling and that would be chic and stylish for your modern look.

Thick wavy long hippie hairstyle:

1+ Hippie hairstyles for long hair

Boho girls can also take this inspiration of getting their free waves to long tresses and give the definition to forehead with a fine hair ribbon to be truly a hipster girl. Whether you take centre parted or side parted hairs, all is fine but to keep the waves for long time you must spray hairs or use the hair cream if going outside. Feel free to enjoy the every moment and let the hairs to fly in the world of passion.

Side braid and braided effects:

2+ Hippie hairstyles for long hair

So braids are also the depiction in hippie hairstyling, make the side braid with having braid crown and try to do all messily. If the crown is not your destination then you can beautify the long hairs by making sleek braids to let it open in the tresses. Fish tail or twisted braid can also be styled to give the long hairs new variation of modern world.

Scarves for perfect hippie inspiration:

3+ Hippie hairstyles for long hair

Hippie hairstyle gets more wonderful with the funky accessories of ribbons and scarves while these head scarves have entered to the latest fashion scene too. Give the wavy layers to hairs and wear those forehead scarves to add the quirky and funky look. But don’t forget about the whole image with taking vintage eye wears and having the best look makeover.

Give meaning with ribbons:

4+ Hippie hairstyles for long hair

However the more focus is upon wavy and dread locks but the latest styling is about whatever you want I mean straight locks are also fantastic. Just give the definition with meaningful design ribbons like tribal print ribbons will give you the awesome appearance. Wear the loose garment clothing especially if you want to describe your fashion in the desert side areas.

Crowns and feathery hair accessories:

5+ Hippie hairstyles for long hair

Floral crowns, beaded hair bands and these feather embellished accessories are cool to style perfectly on long hairs. You can make flower crown by yourself too with just taking the flowers of your choice and have it in the shape of crown. Wear and let the all locks open with just finger combing. For feather accessories you can take some feathers to tuck at back in the ribbon or the fully decorated crown if you are attending the beach party.