Everyone wanted to feel special and elegant. Your look came together by mixing traditional elements and with the pop of the color. Hairstyle is usually cut straight with the verity of length. Short hair cuts become more famous time to time. The rock and roll culture that booming those time make so many women adapt to this style.

Elegant short curly hairstyle for bridal. This hairstyle will add volume and dimension to your hair. This style becomes the rage of the nation. Decorated with the white fabric flower and net cage for the forefront.


Wonderful short bridal curly hairstyle. You can make your hair fizzy and wavy to curl your short hair. One side hairs bake to the ear and the other side is on your eye or forehead give a glamorous touch to your style and have a pretty look due to the hair accessories like fresh flower, hand made flower, hair pins, crystal stoned hair bands.


Great, alternative and classic style. Short bridal hairstyle is a great choice for every bridal. Unconditional originality and exclusivity of this hairstyle emphasize tape in a net veil cage. Of course this decoration is the best for a bridal wear on her wedding day.