African women have curly black hairs and sometimes they become bore of their hairs. It is difficult to manage curly hairs because curly hairs become shrinking when they dry and they look dull and like cotton without oil. They don’t have more options to do with hairs and if they want to lose curls so it is not possible because their curls are natural and they have to live with these natural curls. Here we will tell you that what could you do with your hairs and what styles can you make with your hairs. We are talking about the two strand twist braids these braids are for women of every age and these can be easily made. Twist your hairs like a rope and these are called Senegalese twists.

When you want to go in a special occasion then twist all your bangs and this style will change your overall look and it is easy to make and you can do it faster. If you are going to attend a formal party then it will be best to twist all of your hairs and leave then on one side. It is a perfect way to change the look of your twisted hairs.
This cornrow hair style can be made with long hairs. Twist the hairs on the top of the head and then leave them on one side and they will look beautiful and this is best for a bride. If you have black curly hairs and you want to bind them in a good way so this is the best way to make cornrows and twist all of hairs like a rope.

You can bind the hair of your daughter in this way. This cornrows style to a Mohawk with two strand twist will be best for school going girls. This Senegalese twist will best for a college girl and this can make for a formal party and friends get together.

These hairstyles are looking cute and most American and African women like this style because thinner braids are made above forehead without damaging hair and this is perfect for house wife and you can also make flat twists with bangs and you will look good in this protective style.

If you have short hair and you want to make a different hair style with your short hairs then twist all of your hairs like a rope this will easy to make and you can do it faster and you can also change the color of hair like light brown, golden, dark brown etc then your simple look will change into a versatile look.
Hope you would like the Senegalese twists because it is a different type of hair style looks beautiful and unique and easy to make and it is not time consuming and this will best for summers.

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