Hairstyles for school girls in many styles:

We have today a bundle of school girl’s fancy hairstyles. They are so convenient and not time consuming. You can easily try these hairstyles at homes and whenever you are going to attend events and festivals. School festivals are inaugurated with some fancy dress shows in which girls are ready to show their unique and matchless hairstyles.

Hairstyles are associated with girl’s nature. If they are happy they will try to make some creative styles for their hairs. If you are in hurry then we also have some speedy styles that will not take more time. So are you ready to get rock and roll dancing hairs with the fanciest hairstyles for school girls? Let’s follow us.

Hump hairstyle:

Studio Portrait Of Teenage Girl

Hump hairstyle will be best idea for cute school girls with open hairs.

Two sided braid for girls:

2. fancy hairstyles for school girls (6)

Two side braids is favorite one to secure your hairs from open damage. Now make two sided braid for your school going daughter. She looks discipline and manners with this styling.

Upside French braid hairstyle:

3.fancy hairstyles for school girls (4)

French braid is so modish for girls. Look at this image front French braid is stylized with upside outlook.

Layers open hairs:

4. fancy hairstyles for school girls (14)

Open hairs are always big solution for style picking girls. But short open hairs look elegant for school timing not very long hairs.

Front braid with open hairs:

5. fancy hairstyles for school girls (15)

Front braid is just look like a micro braid headband. Moreover it is finished with ribbon hair pin.

Heavy curly hairs:

6. fancy hairstyles for school girls (7)

School sports girls are loved to keep their hairs heavy with curls. Rolling and waving hairs are superb for school and college going girls.

Micro braid headband and High updo:


Teenagers play with their hairs by making multiple micro braids looking like a head band and increase updo style with ribbon securing.

Simple front braid for girls:

8. fancy hairstyles for school girls (1)

This braid style does not take too much time. Just a little bit time consuming before school going and a perfect match in front of in the blink of eyes.

Classy sides braid new style:

9. fancy hairstyles for school girls (5)

Recoup missing properties of braid with stylish looks. Just look at the picture for making some extraordinary braid.

Low ponytail style:

10. fancy hairstyles for school girls (2)

Low ponytail is my favorite hairstyle. Here you can see latest style of making low ponytail for school girls.

In the gallery below remaining pictures are waiting for your attraction. Look at them.