Beautiful Natural Hair dye with Honey:

Hairs are the most important and crucial part of our personality because they plays the vital role in setting our image. Our hairs should be wisely colored and styles because they often makes our look. So always be choosy while selecting your hair dye and hairstyle. Hair dye is very important and common factor of hairstyling these days. Number of girls in this world applies hair dyes to color their hair just for change in their appearance but the main problem is that harsh chemicals and heavy creams may harm our hairs which lead to hair damage and hair fall.

So there are still some girls who afraid of applying chemicals on their hairs due to side effects. But here today we have some natural remedy and natural tip to color dye your hairs in amazing and stunning style, It gives you the best and amazing shade which makes you look super cool and very beautiful.

So here we talk about some amazing ideas about dying your hairs with honey. So today our current drafted post is affiliated with the display and revealing of some ideas about color your hairs with honey. You can give a light shiny shade to your hairs, you can also lighten your already existed dark hair color and you may beautifully give change to your natural black hairs.

Honey is also use as a bleaching agent for your hairs because it has an enzyme which is glucose oxidize that produces hydrogen peroxide which serves your hairs as the bleaching agent when they are applied to your hair lock. And it also has a benefit that honey also known best to store your hair moisture which means no chance of damaging. So now here we are going to taught you that how to lighten your dark hair dye or how to dye you natural hairs.

Prepare the Honey Mixture:

colour your hair with honeys (1)

As we know that honey is too much sticky so add some amount of water or apple cider vinegar in it and if you want a big change then you can also add some capsule of hydrogen peroxide by yourself.

Apply Mixture to Wet Hair:

colour your hair with honeys (2)

So now time to apply the honey mixture to the wet hair for proper results.

Set the Plastic on Your Head:

colour your hair with honeys (3)

Now set the plastic papers properly on your head.

Let The Mixture on Your Hairs for Some Time:

colour your hair with honeys (4)

Let the mixture do its works and apply it and remain on your hairs for some time.

Wash Honey Properly:

colour your hair with honeys (5)

Use Nourishing and Honey Maintenance Conditioner after Wash:

colour your hair with honeys (6)