Ionized Hair Dye Color Ideas:

Hairs should be perfect with appealing looks because it adds a charm and elegance to a women’s appearance.  Your hairs should be amazing and they should look like full of live, with different designs and themes. Yes we are girls and we have to spend some time with our hairs because it’s the matter of look.  If your hairs are messy or they are not fascinating or beautiful then all your efforts on your outfit, shoes, jewellery and your makeup are just fades because hairs plays the crucial role in the looks and they may completely enhance your beautiful look or may completely destroy your look.

Here we are presenting you some amazing and devastating ideas that deals with your classy and ravishing looks of course we are demonstrating you some elegant, captivating and most eminent hair color ideas if you have hairs of medium length. These are the perfect ideas and amazing textures that beautify your looks. But you should wisely choose your hair color because it gives full impression to your face so be wise and choose the shade that looks perfect on you. Because from the last few years different hairs dyes are becoming popular and hairdye is a famous trend of hairs these days.

So browse out our list as we have elected some beautiful 10 hair dye shades that looks stunning and completely amazing.



It is a beautiful and amazing blend of brown and blond color that looks amazing and makes your look chic.

Champagne Red Color:


It is a highly recommended shade which is best for dark blondes and also if you want to give a unique and stunning look.

Brown Omber Hair dye with Honey Gold:


Omber shade from the last few years may also give a common look but if you add up a honey gold shade with brown color it looks devastating.

Cinnamon Hair Color:


This vibrant and deep red color is really amazing and makes you look gorgeous.

Ronze Hair Dye:


A beautiful and updated form of bronde and blonds that looks devastating.

Brown with Red Accents Hair Shades:


Such an inspirational color based on dark and deep themes that looks fascinating.

Rainbow Hairs:


This is a perfect idea and theme for medium length hairs that completely gives you a punchy and cool shade.

Buttery Blonde Shade:


Buttering blonds shade popping up all over you hairs if they are of medium length looks hot and beautiful.

Autumn Red Shade:


Red color for hairs is always in they look hot and sexy and makes you look stylish and trendy and autumn red shade is just a perfect a shade.

Burgundy Color for Hairs:


It is a beautiful deep color with reddish and purple hue that makes you look appealing and stunning.