It is a modern age and in this age not girls are modern rather the  boys are also very conscious about the dressing of themselves  because they want to  go forward in  the  speed of  fashion .so many haircut which are inn now a days  it give them an elegant and sophisticated look   make your style in such way in which you look modern and the  trendy  and the haircut is good for your office going,fomally and the casually .if you want to  a masculine look  then you can select the cutting    with your beard  and in the 2016  you can  make your  undercut hairstyle    in these styles which are inn. The great thing for the undercut  is that  it can be mould in many ways  there are so much ideas  to  cut your hairstyle  in the undercut .many haircuts are inn  in  the  world like  spiky ,pixie and  others also you can cut your hair according to your wish as just like  classic ,layered, retro  ,side swept   ,funky hairstyle ,side parted and  the fade hairstyles. Here I have some latest hairstyles for you stsy with us  and see the different hairstyles.

Carved haircut:

1. Men latest undercut Hairstyle ideas 2016

Now a day’s many men  are cutting their hair  in  such way   which is trendy and  according to your face shape   for the best look cut your hair in the carved  undercut and you can write your name at the place of  lines  in the natural curly hair this  hairstyle is best  if you are a school going boy then this style is nice for you.

Short sided hairstyle:

2. Men latest undercut Hairstyle ideas 2016

Many senior men are adopting the hairstyle the sides are short and the long hair at one side is giving you a  perfect a  masculine beauty with the moustaches and the  beard  you  can do it dye according to your face shape because the haircut can  change your overall look  then with this style you can rock .

Messy side parted:

3. Men latest undercut Hairstyle ideas 2016

 The men who  don’t want to cut their hair  and make the style in such a way that is latest and ive you an enchanting look  messy side parted   long hairstyles  with beard  are good for the office going men and in the summer season it is very latest . you can do your hair in blow dryer .

Classic hairstyle:

4. Men latest undercut Hairstyle ideas 2016

Classic hairstyles  are  not new in the trend it is very old and people  are adopted the  classic hairstyle  for the masculine beauty and this cutting is remain evergreen in the boys and the men in  the  classic age the  men were mostly cut their hair in such a way  so you can color your hair in golden or brown otherwise black is also  good many hair  gel and the  straigtner  are used by the  men for   grooming their hair.

Side swept textured:

5. Men latest undercut Hairstyle ideas 2016

Not very  less haircuts which are made fir the boys  latest there are too much variety of haircut   then you can cut your hair in undercut  side swept textured  haircut is decent choice for you and this style is good for the  school going boys  you can make it with the gel and   hairspray .

Back swept:

6. Men latest undercut Hairstyle ideas 2016

In the summer when the hairs are lying on the forehead we feel too much hotness  then you can cut your hair in back pared quiff    it looked very neat and you can keep little bit beard with this haircut  and for the university look make   this hairstyle it is hood according to the oval shape face.

One sided fade:

7. Men latest undercut Hairstyle ideas 2016

In your black sleek  hair you can make  the  one sided fade haircut  with the razor shaved beard  in this hairstyle you look decent and  handsome  for the universities boys these hairstyles fabulous  and make your beard in razor shaved


The men who  like these undercut  haircut they can cut their hair inn such a way and in the gallery I have presented many  other haircut  that are in funky,claasic ,decent  formal , casual and the other fancy things are  found  in  article  but one thing which you should keep  in your mind  select these haircut which are  according to your face shape. Many hair colors are inn which are for the men that can make your look stunning and gorgeous.

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