Mehndi function is held just before the barat function. Mostly people celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. People usually become extravagant spending a lot of money on decoration only. The custom of mehndi function is only seen in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. India named this function as sangeet function and Pakistani called it rasm-e –hena. They took it as a great opportunity for making merry.

In Pakistan the way people celebrate this day is totally different from the past. Now it not only a get together of relatives and neighbors but it has taken more significance than the past. So why would be the bridals left behind? After all they are centre of attention and all people found curious to have a glimpse of the bridal. Now bridals give a lot of importance to their dresses and make up.

All their attention would be of no use if they ignored their hairstyle. Hairstyle changes all over the personality of a person and it should be according the face features. Bridals do take care what trend is going on but they also need to be careful which hairstyle could suit them most. In old days bridals not only take dupatta on their head but even hide their faces.

Now the bridals sit boldly in front of people with awesome look. Now bridals can be seen dressed in heavy outfit with beautiful hairstyles. Bridals desire to look completely different from the other upcoming functions. That is the reason new trend of hairstyle are introduced which are shown in these pictures.

Some bridals have long straight hair with uplifting of hair from front and upper side. Some bridals are found with messy braids that lie on their shoulder from one side. There are also some brides that can be seen in the given pictures with one side braid having floral decoration.  They also decorate the braids with beads. Bridals have also worn ornaments like mathapatti that is increasing the grace of their hairstyle.

Some brides wore tikka on their forehead. Some brides have curly hair resting on both shoulders. Some only show curly hair giving it somehow braid form and then placing it on one side of the shoulders. All of them are looking stunning in their own way. Although the setting of hairstyle is time consuming and bridals need a lot of patience to just sit and wait. But they happily do it for they know how important it is for them to look gorgeous and mind blowing in functions live and in pictures as well.

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