1. Different Types Of Face Powder And Its Purpose (1)

Face powder is such a thing which is very prominent in the makeup accessories because without it our makeup remain incomplete  it can make your skin really wonderful and  gives you a versatile look  it  can  give you glowing and enchanting look because without making the face base  our makeup remain incomplete so use the different face  powders on your face that can  make your face  enable to  pick all the makeup things .selecting the right kind  of face powder for your face that  is matched t your skin because if you use the face powder opposite to your color  complexion then you look so odd because with the   fair dark look so  bad and with the  dark color nude white color   face powder is odd. In fact there are so many powders  in the makeup accessories but the two are very important for the skin loose powder and the pressed powder  the  girls like to carry both  powders in their bags because they don,t want  to compromise with their  beauty.

 Loose powder:

The girls who are very decent and want to elegant look they mostly apply the loose powder for the natural look this powder give you soft and glowing look loose powder is very good for the daily make up you can apply it with the puff and the blush on brush this powder is good for the home ladies and it remain fresh on your skin when you apply it because too much dust can finish your all glow from the skin .Many ladies like to go with the loose powder than the  pressed powder because all the other powders look artificial and give you an unnatural look.

Pressed powder:

Compact powder is just like the pressed powder it is best for those ladies who are connected with any institutions or a social lady because they want to something oily and glowing skin and mostly pressed powder is applied on the foundations and the base when you are giving finally touch to your make up you should use it and make your foundation glowing and attractive  compact powder is very ideal you must keep it in your bags it  gives us a better result and absorbs quickly in the skin  people use these  powders with the   sponges and the  bluish on brushes  so if you use the  sponges  or puff then you should daily wash it because too  much germs contain in the sponge which become the cause of  open your pores and acne pimples .

Powder shade:

Powder shades are not used same for everyone because everyone has different skin tone so according to the skin tone we should use the powder shade that is fully matched to your skin because it look nice when you apply it opposite to your skin tone you look strange and irrational powder shade is mostly used for the skin freshness and give it perfect look and it is used for giving final touch so be careful when you are applying it that it will be same from every part of your face.