0. Unique and different mehndi designes for brides

If you are a south Asian lady then well aware of the Mehndi or henna tattoos tradition that is really very significant for a bride. Mostly in Indian, Pakistani and Arabic weddings brides are heavily decorated with the glam of Mehndi. The origin of this custom was found in the Indian rich culture and still you will see there is festival held to deck the bride by her friends, cousins or the expert girls who know well the trendy designs that are in fashion. I have compiled a compact collection in which the ravishing designs of mehandi are just for the upcoming bridals that are in search of best of best Mehndi designs through which they can get the alluring appearance.
Well the Mehndi is extracted from the henna leaves and in these days, a cone type packing is done with the thin smooth start from which you can professionally make different textured designs to beautify your hands, arm, feet or even the back too. Most of the time in Indian weddings you will find the bridal heavily embodied with allure designs of henna tattoos like elephant designing, floral charm, Arabic hues and many other.
Bridal is considered incomplete without having the Mehndi designing or tattoos, however there is another embellishment that look incredible but Mehndi has its own significance.  In the modern age the value gets increased more because brides now want the unique beautification of Mehndi due to the designs that are introducing day by day.
In Pakistan mostly on Mehndi festival or a day before bride gets the Mehndi on her hands, arms, and feet and sometimes on legs that enhance the sex appeal of bride.
However the designs I have introduced here are not the my self-creation but during a worthy search I have made an effort to compile the all latest designs in one collection so that you may take advantage from one place.
Make your wedding full of pleasure by beautify yourself but be aware of the bad effects of black henna which is trendy these days but are creating bad effects in the way of burning skin, itching and many other skin issues due to having the dangerous chemicals mixed in black henna. Always assure the Mehndi is naturally extracted in the natural green color, no matter you have to wait for its color but it will be long lasting and have good effects.
Well let’s take a start from the first design I am sure you will blow your mind away and keep up the interest level to choose for your wedding day Mehndi.

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