Metro shoes are the perfectly for the newly design in the Pakistan fashion industry. They provide the shoes for the girls and boys both in stylish design. Now they are present the Eid collection for girls. On Eid day is the very necessary is dress and matching shoes of the dress. They design the pumps, flat, sole and high heel in this collection. The leather and the embroidery stuff is use to cover the shoes. The stones and the brooches are d├ęcor it. Their design shoes are the perfect for the young girls to wear in a party. The sole on the heel is the new style of heel and look outstanding. The colors of the shoes are the match with your Eid dress and complete your Eid.
The head of the shoes are the main thing in the shoes and embellish with the beads and motifs.

Brand: Metro
Topic: Metro Shoes Eid Collection 2013 Edition III
Color: bright and dark
Design: high heel and sole heel
Perfect for: Eid day.

2013 Soft Heel Metro Summer Eid Wear Edition III

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Metro Eid Footwear Collection 2013 Edition III

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