Facial makeover: Facial appearance counts a lot in front of modish world. One conduct hard his hard to groom up facial appearance whether its cost more. Several beauty product range and medicine are available in market but natural medication is true way in such concern.

Eye makeup: Each eye shape requires its makeup to highlight and correct imperfections. With the right makeup and a bit of practice, you’ll have glamorous, pretty eyes in no time.

How to apply eye makeup on small eyes:

?    Make sure that your eyebrows are trimmed and plucked.
?    Application of concealer is must so that any odd tone around your eyes get covered.
?    Apply a light eyeshadow illuminator.
?    Apply a medium to dark eyeshadow.
?    The next step is choosing the color of your eyeliner.
?    Application of eyeliner or eye pencil.
?    To apply the eyeliner, start at the inside corner of your upper lid, then spread eyeliner towards the outer corner, using short strokes to avoid a thick line.
?    Using a curler, curl your eyelashes before you finish.
?    Application of mascara is necessary for proper finish.

Eye makeup application ideas for small eyes: this presentation will elaborate you the procedure to cleanly apply makeup to your eyes in steps.

1 elegant eye makeup for small eyes (12)

2 elegant eye makeup for small eyes (6)

3 elegant eye makeup for small eyes (15)

4 elegant eye makeup for small eyes (8)