What is more painful to a girl then broken nail? We know how girls go through when they tends to break their nail due t some reasons. They feel quite painful and literary no one understands that feeling through which girls go through. Some people are extra sensitive about their nail and also it can look really ugly if you cute that nail in shorter length which is already broken and rest of nails will remain long.

Some people can bear this mess but most of them want instant situation to clear up that mess. We are here to help you out from this sticky broken situation with easy method which you can try in your home and don’t have to go to salon.

Just take a look at these simple tips:
Tape out broken part of nail:


Place a tape on broken part of nail and then cut tape into desired shape of nail to get rid of any inconvenience while applying nail polish and following other steps.

Layer the tape on your nail:


File your nail unless its edges become smooth and even. And get ready for next step to fix this situation.

Apply nail enamel:


Apply clear or desired color of nail enamel on your nails to get everything in place for a long time. Make sure to have a thick coat.

Let it grow:


Let the broken part of nail grow and when it reach to desire length, trim it from edges and you will get perfect nails.

Trim it:


When it grows to perfect length, trim it up.

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