Henna/ mehndi is very popular in south Asian countries and mehndi designs are especially significant for all women. Brides like to apply it before wedding ceremony and common girls also like to embellish their hands with mehndi on festivals like Eid and now it has become a fashion and there are lot of patterns that you can choose from some girls like complex designs and some like simpler designs. Henna tattoos are composed of different shapes and symbols and many women prefer flower designs for the feminine, delicate look of the tattoos. The fragrance of henna plant is even used in making perfumes and it is highly regarded in herbal medicines for its ability eliminates infection, impurities and soothes the stomach. Henna tattoos can be done by one self.

Traditional henna is drawn in delicate patterns on palms, hands, arms, feet and now they are applied on the any part of the body like legs, back, neck etc. the look of a traditional bride remains incomplete without mehndi designs. Stick on mehndi is available in many colors and designs from easy to complex protecting your entire arms. You can get exclusive designs on your arms, and even your back with the help of a professional developer.

Here are beautiful and easy henna designs for girls that can be easily created by young girls also so take a view.
You can embellish your arm with a mehndi tattoo instead wearing an arm band. Arm band designs are simple and are not time consuming and they are easily applied on the skin and you can do it neatly and nicely at home.
Patterns placed on the wrist also have a higher popularity with women and generally vary from incredibly simple or awe inspiringly intricate. Some women are getting henna design of cute and adorable animals.

Some women like to apply feminine designs as they can easily created by using delicate lines and dots and they provide a whimsical design as there is a mermaid design on the wrist and mermaids are also incredibly popular among ladies. A feather designed is created on the arm is easy to make and anyone can make it in a few minutes.
All designs of tattoos are unique and easy to make in a few minutes so embellish your hand with the tradition of mehndi in a modern and different way.

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