Shekhar Rehate is a very famous and popular fashion designer in fashion world. He is from Dubai. His fashion experience is 15 years old. He designs so many kinds of dresses for the fashion shoes and now he the top fashion designer in fashion field.
He designs much kind of dresses and recently he launches his new collection in Couture Fashion Week 2013. His collection in take places in New York City Hotel and this show is the best show in the fashion world.
In this collection he designs the white wedding gown for the wedding day party. The other gowns are in different light and bright color he represents in very stylish way.
The special light and dark color are in this collection make the dresses eye-catching and tremendous.
He stuff is use in this collection is silk, chiffon and flexible. The innovative cuts and prints in this collection make this collection perfect for evening and prom party wear. These dresses are adorned with the flounce exertion and the stone on the strap and neckline.

Topic: Shekhar Rehate Couture Fashion Week 2013 collection in NEW YORK
Designer: Shekhar Rehate
Stuff: silk and chiffon
Color: light and bright
Design: long gowns
Perfect for: wedding and party wear

Women red color dress by Shekhar Rehate Couture Fashion Week 2013 sharara design dress fashion 2013 by Shekhar Rehate Colorful printed women wear by Shekhar Rehat 2013