Hey fashionistas explore your all 90s fashion heels if you have right now. Because single strap high heels were worn in 90s with pencil skirt and top in a chic way and now once again it’s time to strap these high heels. Why heeled sandals are single strapped well this one thing can be described by a girl. Mostly it is worn in summer to reveal all the beauty and glam of girl. It’s a hot way to strap these high heels and be a centre of attraction to be sexier. High heels elongate a woman and the legs to make her prominent in all possible way in nude legs and the nude feet too.

Different color strap heels look so elegant. Just try in a complete office look by wearing trouser and a silk top surely it will be awesome to wear single strap with and have a sexy look with great hotness. You can even put your strappy heels in bag by wearing sports shoes play with friends and further go ahead in party taking out your heels from bags for perfect look. One thing about single strap heels is that it is not a fashion fixed for specific look or specific era you can carry any time because these are easy and comfortable and support your toe to have a proper walk at anywhere. I personally just love the glam and hotness of the strappy heels because it makes your persona prominent and enhance your feminine beauty to be trendy and highly fashionable girl.

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