Dresses are in so many styles, stuffs and colors which are carried by the girls because girls become fed up with the same dressing of life .in the dresses A-line, strapless, sweetheart neckline, off shoulder all the dresses are in the fashion you can wear it in all the seasons .

in the different stuffs wear   it in different color so many ladies like the off shoulder dresses because in these dresses your all famine beauty is exposes .dark colors are for the winter season and the light for summer because dark colors can irritate our eyes and light color look cool to wear  with the different bottoms wear the off shoulder dresses it is  in the tunic , tops , shirts ,slit gowns,  kurtas ,crop top , skirts

and many other dresses are good for you wear it with the  different  jewelry with the simple dresses  because it look formal wear the jewelry with semi formal  dresses  statement  necklace , dropping necklace  pendent and many others so stay with us and see the different dresses with the necklaces  if you want to wear .

Black dress with locket:

1. Necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress

Black color looks so beautiful and fabulous when you wear it in the formal events, semi formally and casually and at any time wear the black color  off shoulder dress with the antique style pendent is looking attractive  with golden chain the golden pendent  is looking nice which is in the round shaped. Wear the high heel brown color sandal and go outside in the summer.

Red with black combination:

2. Necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress

Red color look so beautiful on the valentine day double layer top with the net fabric Capri is looking awesome you can wear it in the parties also if you are going outside then wear the off shoulder red dress with the black lace net tights with high heel black peep toe with multi layered necklace with different jewelry and sunglasses.

Slit dress in velvet:

3. Necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress

In the winter if you are going on the function or any award show then carry velvet slit dress off shoulder with plugging neckline cape sleeves with the strappy high heel sandal is looking nice with silver shaded statement necklace and the black pouch  for attending the award show ceremony and the  club parties at  night.

Skirt with crop top :

4. Necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress

Now a day’s crop top are very trendy it look nice when you wear  it  off shoulder neckline with full sleeves the  sleeves are pleated  with the printed crop skirt  blue with the orange multi layered necklace is  good huge size and small both sizes beads are used in the necklace that is increasing your beauty  wear the bracelet and the rings in silver color for the cute look.

Beach style look:


5. Necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress

In the summer everybody wants to wear light and simple dresses chiffon stuff crop top off shoulder but full sleeves because tan skin arms look so bad  elastic is used on the neckline  with shuttle lace in fringes style on the top with the  top wear the  jeans shorts  and blue color flat sandal with the bib necklace in blue and golden shaded it is looking so nice with black sun glasses and simple jewelry.

Boho style:

6. Necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress

In the trendy age the boho style is also liked by the girls because it gives them great look  dark grey color off shoulder one piece dress  with full sleeves are looking gorgeous the sleeves end are knotted  with this simple dress wear the multi layered necklace different things are used in the necklace hold the pouch in grey color  with silver jewelry in different style  with open hair.

Street style looks:

7. Necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress

In this modern age girls like to go with street style look because it give them gorgeous look  off shoulder neckline  bell bottom sleeves  top in white with the rough jeans shorts  with the high heel pointed pumps  with chained , beads and kundan with top bun and nail paint in red color is looking gorgeous light color make up is going well with white top.

Baby pink with black:

8. Necklace to wear with off the shoulder dress

Black color looks elegant with every shade because in black you can go in any place off shoulder neckline with chiffon net sleeves  with the chiffon stuff skirt  this dress is looking cool with this dress wear the pendent  in golden color with golden bracelet and the rings.