If you are not in mood to make up your eyes too much for giving them attractive and different look then glasses of various style and designs are a great option for you. With the addition of the glasses you can change the entire look of your outfit. New and latest designs in glasses will captivate your attention and these will enforce you to try them for looking completely change.

Girls of funky nature can opt for the glasses that can give them funny and crazy look. Oversized glasses with interesting designs can give you versatile and stylish look. In medium and suitable frames too, you can have interesting frames and some amazing frames are shown here:

Black sunglasses with moon image:

1. crazy and different eyewear for trendy girls (3)

These black color sunglasses are looking amazing with moon image on the sides of the frames. The structure of frame is very nice and interesting. With stars shining above the frame the moon on frame are all together giving the image of moon night. In night parties you cannot for these glasses to wear and have prominent look. Even wearing a glamorous dress you can add more charm to your look with these nature-inspired glasses.

Oversized mirror glasses with floral designing:

2. crazy and different eyewear for trendy girls (1)

These glasses will give you dramatic look and wearing maxi dress with floral designing on it you can wear these glasses to have playful and entertaining look. Going to, attend a party function that is arranged with the theme of funky look, you can opt for these glasses to make your attire more captivating.

Glasses to have alien look:

3. crazy and different eyewear for trendy girls (4)

I the latest and new designs of mirror sunglasses these glasses are also showcased. These glasses are best to attend a party in which everyone is bound to come with strange look. You can adopt the look of alien and for that these glasses will work a lot. For having a crazy scientist look too you can wear these glasses to finish off your look.

Sun glasses with star and heart shape:

4. crazy and different eyewear for trendy girls (7)

These glasses are different because in these glasses one shape is in heart while the other is in star. For small girls these glasses are great thing to wear for having lively and jolly look. You can amuse your guests if you have conducted a party wearing these glasses.

Amazing sunglasses for serious souls:

5. crazy and different eyewear for trendy girls (5)

These sunglasses will force you to must try them once. Women with serious nature can have trendy look and can try the new designs with this new design of sunglasses. Tortoise shell prints on the lower side of frame is making glasses different from other glasses. Tortoise shell prints on glasses are going very much in so try this design glasses with your classy outfit.