Best Homemade Moisturizers for Dry Skin:

Dry skin is the problem that can create lots of problems for you. Mostly, it is a problem that arises in the winter season. Due to dry skin you feel your skin becomes tight & then starts to crease. Sometimes its causes are over-aging & dietary deficiencies. It can also occur due to the genetic tendency in a family. If you also suffer from dry skin no matter dry face, dry hands or dry feet, you need to treat it well. In severe case you can visit the skin specialist otherwise you can try some very easy & effective home remedies which I am going to share with you. These tips will help you to treat your dry face, hands & feet etc.

Today I am going to share the some commonly used food items names & their usages with you. These foods items are very delicious to eat but inviting remuneration for your skin. Yes you can use these food items as moisturizers for treating your dry skin. Let’s Start!

1)    First of all milk is a best & natural moisturizer for your dry skin. It can act more effectively as compared from all other food items. You can use it in different ways. You can mix some drops of lemon & miik cream into the milk. Create thick paste & apply on face for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash with fresh water. You can soak a cotton cloth into the cold milk & then keep it on your face for about 10 minutes. It will also help to moisturize your skin.

1 milk for dry skin

2)    Aloe Vera gel that is easily available at home (it is houseplant that is easily found into the gardens of homes). Apply this gel on your face & get effective results. It is a natural soothing lotion for dry skin.

2 Aloe vera

3)    Coconut Oil can also be used as skin moisturizer for dry skin. You can apply it on your face, hands & feet without any kind of hesitation. Before taking bath you can apply it for about half an hour. After taking bath, if you feel need then you can apply very less quantity of oil on the dry parts of your body.

3 Coconut Oil

4)    Honey is also a best moisturizer for your dry skin, because it is a delicious sweet food item so you need to massage your skin gently after applyi9ng it. Leave it for about half an hour & then wash with fresh water. Apply it on your face two times in a day. After some days, you can feel the difference!

4 Honey

5)    Take Rose water & Milk in equal quantity. Mix few drops of Lemon Juice in it. Now apply this moisturizer on your face for getting rid from dry skin.

5 lermon juice & rose water for dry skin

6)    Olive oil is also a best & natural moisturizer for the dry skin. It contains on linoleic acid. This acid stops to lose natural skin moisture.

6 olive oil

7)    Always try to eat those food items that moisturize your body from inside & eventually your skin become glowing from outside. You can eat eggs, fish, drink milk, eat dry fruits etc.

7 Food items that are Rich in Protein

8)    If are searching for cream or lotion type skin moisturizer then I suggest you to go with Vaseline or Dove or such other high flying branded products that ensure excellence.

8 moisturizer for dry skin

9)    Try to apply yogurt directly on your skin & after half an hour wash it by using good beauty soap. You can feel the change. Yogurt is a skin-hydrating agent.

9 yogurt

10)    For reducing the roughness of your face you can prepare the face mask by using yogurt & banana. Take both ingredients in equal quantity & then apply this mask on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it. It is good mask for dry skin.

10 yogurt & banana