Glamorous pearl beaded net veil with hair comb for bridal. This is a chic and simple veil comb, decorated with off white satin ribbon bow labeled on pearl bead and clear crystal flower have its own charm, can be used like a brooch for the head of bridal on her wedding day. Comb style veils that provide an easiest way to carry in hairs and cover the head with net made style. Nicely décor with a ribbon on over a pearly flower is studded.

It’s an adorable bridal veil comb of clear crystal, alluring with the ostrich feathers ant is also stitched in a pleated flower shape, wired shiny flower sparkling with the stones. Make this bridal comb agreeable on her wedding dress. Top portion is very fastening; make your hair up-to-date and beautiful.
Stunning net made veil that uses feather and stones in its preparation which fairly gives a shiny look to the hairs. This veil can cover the head of the bride or every one who uses it.


Luxurious bridal veil comb. This pearl beaded comb captures the night light and reflects it to others, absolutely a tremendous headpiece for women wear on any colour of clothes on special occasion. The comb attached with the net cage is designed by a talented designer. This net veil has the comb style and pearls are scattered all around the net veil and covers the head in a trendy way.


Fabulous and most romantic bridal veil comb is available in double layer attached the pleated net fabric cage to the metal clip that is astonishing to crystal and small pearl beads in a curvy  shape is set on the head of any bridal.
Bridal veil is made of tissue fabric and has the Edward Berger style. The front part of the veil is decorated with studded stones and pearls and makes it decent.