The art of mehandi over hands is very old since from the past years to make female hands more beautiful as her hands are a sign of delicacy while the beauty with mehandi designs are spread on her beautiful hands. A bridal looks incomplete without drawing different designs on hands and feet one her big day this is also a way to make her adorn. Henna is extracted from he leaves and after a specific process of grinding, mixing and packing it is used to make designs on even different parts of bodies that are being popular among modern girls all over the world. In Asia events and functions of wedding, Eid, ceremonies and parties are made special putting different style mehandi by girls. Indian, Arabic, Pakistani and many other style henna are famous that girls like to make on their hands but today the most popular and emerging peacock style will be discussed that are liked by every bridal for its sublimity and beautification. Peacock is a sign of beauty while its feathers can make anyone astonished carrying colors and charm, when these feathers are made on a girl hand the look of design becomes splendid. Somewhere peacock design is spread with Arabic motifs that look more attractive for a girl. Glitter on this henna and stones are also a way of embellishments on peacock that give the design color and charm in an awesome way. Try these utmost mehandi designs that are not only trendy but also exquisite.

1.    Attractive peacock mehandi style

difrent mhndi peacock designes for girls(1)

2.    Awesome peacock bridal design henna for feet

difrent mhndi peacock designs (2)

3.    Patch of peacock henna on feet

difrent mhndi peacock designs (3)

4.    Peacock feather design for girls

difrent mhndi peacock designs (4)

5.    Dancing peacock design is much more for girls

difrent mhndi peacock designs (5)

6.    Outclass arm peacock style mehandi

difrent mhndi peacock designs (6)

7.    Fabulous piece of art on hand

difrent mhndi peacock designs (7)

8.    Heavy design for girls

difrent mhndi peacock designs (8)

9.    Try this one to make hands charming

difrent mhndi peacock designs (9)

10.    Outclass bridal design

difrent mhndi peacock designs (10)

11.    Different design variety f peacock style henna

difrent mhndi peacock designs (11)