Styling Tips & Clothing Advice for Large Men:

It is a fact that a man who always dressed well looks impressive.  Clothing is a way to is to present your body in a very inspiring way.  If you wear stylish clothe then you will look stylish, if you wear traditional clothe then you will look classic. If you wear funny clothes then you will look funny. But it is also a fact that every man in this world has not the same size, weight, height or figure. So, due to this variation, every man should take his clothing decision very carefully by considering whether this style suit on my personality or not. Today, my focus is on the large men. First thing is to recognize whether you are a large man or not? So, take a look towards yourself into a mirror & examine if you have broad shoulder, long height, plus size then you are definitely a large man. So, we can say that large man characteristics are round-belly, broad-shouldered, big-bottomed, large face, long height, plus weight etc. So, when you go near wardrobe to select dress for yourself then you need to follow some styling tips which are described below. Read carefully & I am sure these tips can help you a lot in order to look a well balanced person.

1)    You need to stay away from the wrinkled or sagging clothes because these add more volume into your larger personality.
2)    Avoid wearing Bulge clothes.
3)    Neither chooses too tight nor too loose clothes.
4)    Go with right fit clothes.
5)    Try to add a stylish touch into your bore look by wearing wear solid-color jackets.
6)    Always prefer to wear small patterns clothes & avoid large patterns. Similarly avoid busy graphics or patterns.
7)    Choose a combination of different pieces of clothes that gives you a proportional, balanced, neat & decent look.
8)    Try a decent pant instead of shorts.
9)    Add pants suits, blazers, sports coats, smooth khakhis, denims, slacks, long overcoats like items into your summer & winter wardrobe.
10)    Don’t try to wear loose sweatshirts because these makes you look more large & bulky.
11)    Avoid choosing thick & heavy stuff cloth & try light fabric that drapes on your body very gently.
12)    Try to use sweatpants or athletic T-shirts only when you go for exercise or jogging otherwise avoid it usage.
Mr. Michail Clarke Duncan, photographed as part of a fashion cam large man styling tips (1) large man styling tips (2) large man styling tips (3) large man styling tips (4)