Fashion: Fashion took utmost importance in maintenance of one`s personality. It had evolved almost all things upside down. Fashion facts and figures modified and enlarge with every passing moment. Its roots had been increasing and resolve whole personality of person even from head to toe.

Tips for eye makeup on black eyes: Deep shades that will highlight your dark eyes like dark grey, navy blue, brown, black, deep plum, etc .Pastel or shades that are too light. They will bring out the whites of your eyes and make your eyes look a bit washed out.

How to highlight black eyes: To add light to your eyes, avoid matte eye shadows, instead use metallic shadows that will reflect your eyes beautifully like gold, copper, bronze, golden brown, silver-grey, etc.
How to apply dark makeup:

●    Close eye and apply the eyeliner along the lash line.
●    Open the same eye and apply eyeliner to the bottom lid.
●    Apply light base color eye shadow to your eyelids either with a brush or with your finger.
●    Apply primary color eye shadow to your eyelids.
●    Now add a bit of dark eye shadow along your lower eyelid using a blending brush.
●    Apply mascara to your top lashes.

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