Many mothers are searching hats for new born baby. As the winter season is running there fore new born baby need a lot of care, mothers should buy wool, fleece and acrylic out fits in which baby feel warm and safe from winter. Many mother bought gloves, mittens, socks, blanket, diaper cover for their new born baby.

Toda we are presented you new born baby hats. In this anthology crochet pattern hats, flower beaded hat, chain pattern hat, pomp hat, and Halloween pattern hat. These hats made with wool, yarn, nylon, fleece and acrylic thread.

Colors of the hats are cream, shocking pink, Smokey grey, light blue and grey, and light pink.  These hats are soft and comfortable. It will keep your baby head and ears warm. You can easily found these hats from the market in different style and colors. The new born baby hats that we present is very cozy and majestic.

Anthology: hand made hats
Style: crochet pattern
Material: acrylic, nylon, fleece, yarn
Colors: maroon, grey, light blue, off white, light pink
Ready for: new born baby

Light blue and grey wool fabric hat

1 new new born baby boy hat 2014 ideas

Shocking pink pomp hat

2 lovely new born baby hat

Acrylic thread flower style hat

3 preety flower hat