Nail Art with Crystals, Shimmer Nail Paint & with Other Fancy Material:

Nail art is an art by using it you can create very stunning designs on your finger nails. It seems as nail art has a very minor part into the overall fashion & that’s why some girls ignore it. Yes, it’s true that nail has a very minor role in fashion industry you can look fashionable even without nail art but it is a fact that when it comes to enhance the beauty of your hands especially of your fingers then along with rings the use of nail art also becomes vey essential. The girls who want to divert the attention of the other person towards your hands then I think you can never find a better option other than nail art. It is of great importance when it’s comes to a complete fashionable look. Now days, you can create nail art by using nail doters, nail strippers, nail stickers, nail tape etc. All these items make the nail art easy. Furthermore, for making nail art a fancy art mostly girls are using crystals, beads, rhinestone, 3D Nail art concept, shimmer nail paints & much more. Into the following picture gallery, I bring the fancy nail art ideas for you. If you are getting ready for a party or you just simply want to make a style statement into a street then these ideas are just perfect for you. Sometimes brides also search something unique on the big day of their life. So, this collection is just right for you. The bridesmaids can also choose a nail art idea from this gallery. Now take a look at the following pictures & try these ideas at home!

Pink Nail Art Done with Shimmer Nail Paint & Adorned with Bow & Beads:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (1)

Silver Nail Art Done with Silver Nail Paint & Adorned with Pearls:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (2)

White & Turquoise Nail Art Done with Simple Nail Paint & Adorned with Silver Nail Stripes:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (3)

3D Flower Fancy Nail Paint Idea for those Girls who have Extra Large Nails:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (4)

Red Valentine’s Day Nail Art Adorned with Silver Bow & Heart Design:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (5)

Pink & Green Shimmer & Crystal Adorned Nail Art Idea for Brides:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (6)

White & Silver Flower & Stripe Design Simple Yet Chic Fancy Nail Art:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (7)

Nail Tip Fancy Nail Art Simply Done with Shimmer Nail Paint:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (8)

Little but Colorful Balls used in Fancy Nail Art:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (9)

Animal Design Nail Art for Pointed Shape Long Nails:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (10)

Colorful Lights Theme Nail Art Done with Colorful Shimmer Beads in Tear Drop Shape:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (11)

White & Purple Nail Paint Along with Silver Paint & Beads:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (12)

Metallic Golden Paint Idea:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (13)

Fancy Nail Art done with Flower, Shimmer & Beads:

Fancy Nail designs ideas (14)